About Nathan

Can You Trust Me to Come Through For You?

First, if you’re an entrepreneur – like, a for real entrepreneur – I salute you.

We can both agree that no matter how positive our attitude, how deep our resources may be or how hot our products & services are… running a true business is not as easy as it sounds.

It’s not all laptops on the beach and super cars racing down the road. 

There will be emergencies and challenges.

You might get fatigued and frustrated.

You may suffer a setback.

But you never give up. Because your business is your dream.

And that dream is adding value to the world while making a nice income in the process.

However, even as a CEO of a very successful company, you know there are things that money can’t buy.

Relationships, for example.

Great relationships are built with trust. So, how do you know you can trust me to handle your marketing content?

This quick, easy-to-read page will prove that not only can I be trusted with writing your blog posts, and marketing materials, but I should be the first one you think of when you need help growing your business.

But first, a little about me:

I’m a proven Content Marketing Consultant; serving as a freelance writer & strategist for SaaS companies and online brands in customer service, personal development and business marketing.

The Beginning 

"Most of life's problems can be solved with a well-written sales letter." ~ Copywriting Legend Gary Halbert

It seems that writing - when it's done the right way - can solve a whole lot of problems. It's certainly worked for me in my career.

When I got my start in customer service over a decade ago, writing a script for all the representatives to read from is what got me hired... and promoted. 

After that I won writing contests and wrote blogs for all my friends. Soon their friends took a liking to my writing. And after that, complete strangers. 

But I didn't know how to make any money with it. 

It wasn't until five years ago, I discovered the magnificent art of copywriting and marketing content.

Thanks to guys like Maneesh Sethi and Derek Johannson, I've learned how to master the art of writing copy for businesses, making them more money selling their products and services. 

I started by helping a national wedding company increase their sales by 25%. 

I wrote the script for a nationally televised commercial with American Express. 

 (And yes, that's my entire family!)


Since then, I've settled into my niche of writing powerful content for small digital businesses and consulting for larger ones. 

I've helped solopreneurs and Fortune 500 Businesses sell more and do more with my marketing solutions. 



My Writing Niches

While I can write on any subject, I specialize in writing content for companies within these four specific areas. 

Digital Marketing

Customer Service



Talk to Me

Get started working with a pro writer! Click the button to contact me. I always respond to messages in 24 hours.