Why Your Audience Loves it When “They Hate You”

How using “hate” increased my online sales by 41%…

I’ll be the first to tell you:

I love to be loved. And I hate to be hated.

But hey – if I’m going to be hated – might as well make a profit.

Now, before I tell you anything, I’ve gotta confess: I don’t think anyone truly hates me.

But I’m willing to bet there’s a few that hate the idea of my business kicking them to the curb.

Now, I don’t want anyone going out of business. But I’ve learned that my audience loves the drama.

Here’s how it happened:

One night, I was just innocently looking for a few ways to improve sales on my latest book (which helps job seekers find quality employment). Soon after, I discovered a weird marketing trick that just so happened to convert some killer sales.

And this trick was all about “the hate.”

Behold the “Pimsleur Method,” a series of ads that sell language courses with the headline:

“Language Professors HATE Him!”

Hate? Why do they hate him? Who is this guy? What’s he doing?


Turns out, Pimsleur sold these courses quite successfully, with the ad going viral.

“They Hate Him” ads work in content marketing. Not the destructive, violent stuff. I’m talking about using the competition’s hatred of your movement as power to get your reader interested.

So hatred is a little strong for you?

No problem. Copywriting isn’t reinventing the wheel, so why not modify it?

  • “Why are oil companies afraid of….?”
  • “New energy drink has the competition shaking….”
  • “Why music professors are so concerned…”

Using the “Pimsleur Method” for my new Facebook ad? Emotional gold: 39% more Facebook likes. 200% more shares. And a tidy 41% increase in sales.

Yes, “hate” is a strong word. But it turns out, “profit” is a little stronger.

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